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From jesse hirsh <>
Date Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:37:35 -0400 (EDT)
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On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, VICE@Paradox wrote:

> Hey Yo! Our spider picked up "Vietnamese", in the message way down below 
> and we just thought we really had to trash our better judgement 
> and say something that has been recurring to us since 
> this whole JED thing brought us here. That is, 
> we really wonder what and your
> HQ look like, because, frankly, 
> from a HoChiMinh viewpoint
> y'all look a tad 
> bourgeois...
> U-Haul?

this list is not
it does not reflect
it is merely hosted by
we host over 400 different email lists


as well, we do not own any land, nor do we own the means of production.
thus by definition of the word, we are not bourgeois. rather we are a
combinaiton of lumpen and proletariat organizing in this class struggle.

nuff jargon for ya?

> We're totally *for* most
> of what you all are hyping up. 
> We've even linked you to our site.

repeat: this list is not
communicating to '' via this list is both useless, and counter to
the purposes of this list. please refrain, and find the appropriate fora
to to address and engage the many workers behind

> Which reminds us: 
> Yo Kirk, you wankin yank. 

kirk is gone :)

> Notus bene: We've made no judgements here.
> But we *do* really want to know
> Just *who* the hey 
> y'all really 
> ARE.

that is a very fair question, but this is not the fora to either ask or
answer it. i encourage you to take more time to browse our site, and
assess our many email lists. as well, do not take the words of any
individual as the words of

if you want to talk to some of us live, we have an irc server at

> We're updating 
> our links.

after seeing your link to our mountain section, i felt it important to
update it (later today)

> All the best,
> AD,

clear sailing

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