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Hey Yo! Our spider picked up "Vietnamese", in the message way down below 
and we just thought we really had to trash our better judgement 
and say something that has been recurring to us since 
this whole JED thing brought us here. That is, 
we really wonder what and your
HQ look like, because, frankly, 
from a HoChiMinh viewpoint
y'all look a tad 

please, please,
[James god Brown]
don't flame us, yet. 
We're totally *for* most
of what you all are hyping up. 
We've even linked you to our site.
HTTP://WWW.ParadoxCafe.Com/VICE, etc.
But, other than some Reason from the Grug,
we've been a bit nonplussed by quite a number of 
the rants we've been reading from your righteous list.

Here's "why?":
While listening to the laughs and screams of a dozen Viet kids
who play outside our glassless windows and the barbed and razor wire
that keeps the weaker-willed of their brothers and sisters from ripping off
our Dream ([tm] of Honda), our PC, and the few hundred USD we've holed up in this cage,
we read the rants of hacktivists, hackedivists and some atavistic sots... 

Which reminds us: 
Yo Kirk, you wankin yank. 
[See Brad Waugh, down beLow.]
You know the Ozzies call you "Scepos"? 
from the Cockney "Septic Tank"? 
You have an inkling why? 
'Cause Canucks are
shittin into yo'.
You get it?

Each day we ride through swarms of Hondas, monsoons or not,
and gawk in awe at crips that look like the "Alien" 
as they cart themselves about and panhandle, 
with great huge freakin

You get it, folks? 
We ain't got MTV,
not MuchMusic 
not shite. 

We had to ask the RageBoy,, 
"Who the hey
is "Jerry"
on tv,

Notus bene: We've made no judgements here.
But we *do* really want to know
Just *who* the hey 
y'all really 

We're updating 
our links.

All the best,

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>Kirk Bailey wrote:
>>Therefore, as it is not your country or culture, I suggest you politely go away and >mind your own business as we work 
>out our own cultural problems. In short, it's none
>>of your business. you may not like it, you don't HAVE to like it. Just Like I don't >have to like you or where you hang 
>out- which is cool, freedom's funny that way. But >if you're not a yank, please don't tell us how to be americans. Ain't 
>your business.
>Go tell it to the Vietnamese, Nicaraguans, Panamanians, Guatemalans,
>Chileans, Iraqis, Haitians, Cubans, ............................
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