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From Benjamin Geer <benjamin.geer@mindspring.com>
Date Sun, 26 Sep 1999 18:57:48 -0400

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One way for us hackers to get involved in activism would be to volunteer
our services to existing activist groups.  In these groups, computers
can be used to help people plan actions, publish documents, or simply
keep track of the budget.  There may be groups that could put certain
kinds of technology to good use, but can't afford to hire consultants to
set it up for them.

One issue that might arise is that implementing software can be very
time-consuming, and many of us don't have huge amounts of free time for
volunteering.  An open-source approach might alleviate this problem;
many people could devote small amounts of time to a project.  In some
cases, it might be sufficient to install and configure existing free
software, and to train people in its use.  For example, installing Linux
is probably something that many groups couldn't do without technical
assistance, and that would save them money.

Benjamin Geer

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