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From sam <>
Date Tue, 28 Sep 1999 00:05:48 +1000

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don't get too distracted with echelon - and its monitoring of words in
the echelon dictionary. echelon is around and working and really - i
think we need to focus on better strategies than just 'jamming' it.

as some people have already pointed out - encryption is what echelon
hates most. that's why the us govt has been trying real hard to get
encrpytion effectively banned. now, they know that this will be quite
tricky to do - so, their backup plan is to regulate the net. currently,
in oz-  the online regulation act comes in to effect on 1st of jan 1999.
effectively, the act makes the isp responsible for the contents on
his/her server.

so, here's my views:

-echelon won't be able to cope with encrpytion.
-nsa/corporations won't  be able to stop people encrpypting.
-so, control the medium that allows the communication.
-ie. regulate the medium by controlling the service provider.
-many laws in many countries already make it illegal to use encrpytion.
(what are wto/worldbank/imf conditions??)
-govt will fine service providers who have encrpyted content (incl.
(media will report pedophiles are using encrpytion)
-service provider will force users not to use encrpytion.

well -there's my piece.... so, the online regulations act in oz is a
test case for the world. they'll (the corporates) will be watching for
resistance, protests, patterns, attitudes - so they can develop a global
net regulation that will get passed illuding us all ...

does this make sense.... am very interested in working on dismantling
online regulation fully - and ensuring that we have an open and free
medium to communicate through - but i don't think the way to do this is
by being a pain to echelon ... echelon can deal with a lot of pain.

anyhow - that's my thoughts.

adios, sam.

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