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From Benjamin Geer <>
Date Sun, 26 Sep 1999 17:44:26 -0400
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Grugnog wrote:
> The problem is that we need to make sure that the
> assasinate words are not send in the same pattern every time or they could
> be filtered out rather than jamming the system. Certainly it would not be
> hard to write filterers that included a certain amount of randomness in the
> words and their positioning nuclear bomb which would avoid this.

The text editor Emacs (available from has, for
years, contained a command called "spook", which is described as follows
in the documentation:


Distracting the NSA

   `M-x spook' adds a line of randomly chosen keywords to an outgoing
mail message.  The keywords are chosen from a list of words that suggest
you are discussing something subversive.

   The idea behind this feature is the suspicion that the NSA snoops on
all electronic mail messages that contain keywords suggesting they might
find them interesting.  (The NSA says they don't, but that's what they
*would* say.)  The idea is that if lots of people add suspicious words
to their messages, the NSA will get so busy with spurious input that
they will have to give up reading it all.

   Here's how to insert spook keywords automatically whenever you start
entering an outgoing message:

     (add-hook 'mail-setup-hook 'spook)

   Whether or not this confuses the NSA, it at least amuses people.


Here are some examples of the output of spook:

Waco, Texas Honduras SEAL Team 6 cracking South Africa NORAD Qaddafi
plutonium Serbian domestic disruption nuclear cryptographic kibo
Ft. Meade Albanian

Delta Force DES terrorist Marxist Peking arrangements ammunition
Noriega quiche spy nuclear AK-47 jihad Cocaine Semtex

strategic Saddam Hussein cryptographic plutonium Panama jihad genetic
fissionable smuggle CIA Peking explosion radar [Hello to all my fans
in domestic surveillance] Marxist

nuclear Soviet Clinton Qaddafi class struggle Mossad Saddam Hussein
Panama Nazi Ft. Meade Uzi $400 million in gold bullion explosion
Khaddafi Peking

Benjamin Geer

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