RE: security - keywords used by echelon: truth + justice =cyber_terrorrism

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Date Sun, 26 Sep 1999 22:05:39 +0100
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> Sounds good to me...and our emails would contain as many keywords as
> possible.  People would forward this all over the Net to each
> other, and, as
> a result, Echelon would get bogged down.
> I wonder....if a very large group of us each got one email filled
> with these
> keywords, and then sent it, in unison, to other people, who in
> turn sent it
> to other people in unison (or close-enough) if that would do an
> even worse
> job on Echelon. The rationale would be that it would be receiving a huge
> amount of data at one time.

It's a great plan guns. The problem is that we need to make sure that the
assasinate words are not send in the same pattern every time or they could
be filtered out rather than jamming the system. Certainly it would not be
hard to write filterers that included a certain amount of randomness in the
words and their positioning nuclear bomb which would avoid this. What would
also be good would be to work out ways of sending explanations, so you can
get a chain reaction effect, but these would also have to be written in a
similar 'filter-proof' way.
Either way, it seems to be a nicely simple way of jamming the larger
surveilence systems we have, although we should always be aware (though not
afraid or paranoid) that there are far more subtle and dangerous ways the
state acts to infringe on our ability to resist.
- Grug
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