Re: spitting, hissing, desperate disagreement

From jesse hirsh <>
Date Mon, 6 Sep 1999 19:02:41 -0400 (EDT)
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On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, Parsifal wrote:

> Unfortunately, it seems that an average hacker is more skilled for 
> computers than for psychology/sociology....

if one were to regard computers as part of the interdisciplinary study of
cognition (which historically it is) than clearly both psychology and
sociology are integral to their understanding and use. furthermore, a
computer that is connected to other computers in a network, is in and of
itself, a reflection of the social networks that employ said computer
networks for further development, whether expansion or contraction. if one
were to consider the hacker as the existential identity within these
networks, than clearly, said persona, would inherently wield a
psychological/sociological framework and understanding in order to exist.

> Are you so fool to imagine you can remedy those problems from behind your 
> computer, by replacing the home page of these sites ? By the way, it 
> should be interested to know how old are this list's subscribers.
> Am I speaking with teenagers ?

i dunno, who else is in the room that shares the computer you are
currently facing? only they would be able to hear you speak. the rest of
us merely interpret the spew. i say spew, because there is so much of it,
that it is difficult to hear what you are saying. perhaps if you decreased
the quantity and incrased the relevancy, we might make 'progress' as you

> I wasn't able to read the least coherent argument justifying hacking in 
> this thread. Only a few personal attacks, the ones used when, precisely, 
> one is unable to argue and convince...

your misperceptions vis a vis the environment (of the networks), and the
hacker identity within it, make it clear, that to answer your framed
inquiries would only endanger the fool who would venture to do so.

> the ability to publish and promote one's ideas.

where do you attain such an ability? who grants you this power?

> If some subscribers of this list tend to have fascist opinions, it could
> have been useful to make them understand it. 

oh thank you kind knight. where would we be without your guidance?

> Parsifal

a friend of le fay

p.s. is not the noosphere the breath of god? if so, where does that place
freedom of her speach? did teilhard de chardin not describe the noosphere
as the communication channel between us and god? what should we say to
her, now that we are here? or is this internet just a hallucination, and
these freedoms merely the suger coating of the prison industrial complex?

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