Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

From Nick Baudouin <>
Date Sun, 6 Sep 1998 15:28:00 -0400
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Parsifal wrote:

> Hackers are digital terrorists.

then, why at all would you want the 'hack' in 'hacktivist' ... wouldn't
net-activist or something of the like be more appropriate. aren't hackers people
who possess and use technical knowledge (whatever the cause they promote). you
might not agree with what hackers do (and i don't agree with a lot of what they
do as well) ...

>Don't you understand that when you fight against something, you promote it ?

i agree with u on such causes like fascism and hate, but what about corporate

if you leave the front door of your house open and i get in and i leave you a
note, does that make me a thief. i haven't commited a crime here. you might say
that i was kind enough to close that door, even though i used a pen and a piece
of paper from your place. this is in general what hackers do these days...web
sites defacements usually don't require great tech knowledge and hardly deserve
to be called 'hacking' imho. (so before we try to define what hacktivism is,
maybe we should try to define what hacking is ... unless we want to give it
empty meaning : to me, a net-activist is not an hacktivist )

is a web site really private property since it's very purpose is to be seen by
the public. (just as the ad on the bus station) i think private property has to
be defined properly if it is to be meaningful. corporate fuckers refer to our
land and water and even their workers knowledge and the data in our cells as
their property ! do you support this view ? the computers on their internal
networks could certainly be referred to as 'their property' ( to the extent that
they are not used 'upon' the public in an unaccountable way ! i agree with u
that this is pretty large, but private property is also to a very large extent
responsible for the sufferings of humanity and has accordingly to be fought,
again this is only my opinion ! )

i thought ( perhaps mistakenly ) that this was where hacktivism could come in,
namely, trying to define how technical knowledge ( referred to as hacking )
could be used effectively to fight the shit corporate tyrannies serve 90% of the
world population from birth to death. this is where i see the utility of this
list. if hacktivism (as opposed to net-activism) is to go anywhere now, these
are the issues that are to be discussed on this list.

by giving importance to such non-events as hate web-sites defacements ( imo
inappropriately referred to as hacking ), you are promoting these so-called
hackers and by the same token giving hacktivism a meaning that i don't quite

in peace

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