Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

From Parsifal <>
Date Mon, 6 Sep 99 15:00:53 +0300

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You wrote on 6/09/99 8:18 from pete

>I see the "hacking BAD" people falling into the liberalized rut of never
>making any real progress, though. Can you not see that you're allowing
>yourself to be conned into passiveness by groups that use apathy as a

HAcking does not bring any real progress.

I don't think to be especially passive. 

But your self-righteous state of mind makes you assume that people who 
don't support hacking are nothing but passive bovines.....

As long as you fight, you loose, because even if you were able to win 
over your ennemies (and this is very unlikely), you would be trapped in 
your own hate.

It is exactly what happened during the French Revolution : it came out to 
the worst fascim : la Terreur (Terror).

Hackers are digital terrorists. If you have any socio-political 
knowledge, you should know that terrorism, as a means, has failed. Arabs 
and Judes are now aware of this.


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