Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

From Parsifal <>
Date Mon, 6 Sep 99 15:00:50 +0300

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You wrote on 6/09/99 8:04 from pete

>We have to remember, as hacktivists, that there is a clear difference
>between censorship and denying platform for hate.

you speak as politicians .....if all platforms are denied, it is a 
censorship by suppressing means of expression.

> If I publish a website
>or news source, and some right wing fuck wants me to publish an article
>about the joys of beating up people that ain't pasty white, I tell them to
>fuck off. I am not censoring them; I am denying them platform. I believe
>that we are in the unique position to do this online. 

Apart the fact that the Internet is not your website, and you don't hold 
its copyrights....
You consider the Internet as your own property, and this is very 
symptomatic from self-righteous people.
Do you consider the whole Internet as your platform, to deny a site to 
exist on it ?

>Put the action back
>in direct action, and take it out of the hands of ridiculously ineffective 
>"hate crime" laws. Do you want to rely on the police and the legal system
>for protection? Didn't think so.

Neither police, nor crusaders.

You have no legitimacy. You don't act for a cause, but only for your 
personal point of view, and you think your personal point of view gives 
you the right to aggress other sites.

All i saw with this thread is a desesperate attempt to wrap personal 
hates in a good political cause.

Moreover, on a political arena, you are quite ineffective. You won't shut 
down the KKK, or whoever else, by hacking their website : they will just 
buy a Cisco PIX firewall....

As viruses are useful for anti-viruses companies, hackers work for 

I also think you are trapped in a romantic view of political activism.
(Isn't it romantic, and self-valorizing to fight against the Empire and 
the Devil .?), and that you need ennemies, whoever they may be, to 
express your own hate.

Christians did it before you. They tortured, burnt people, and it was for 
the good cause, of course, because their victims were devils.

Maybe most hacktivists would need a psycho-analysis, to find out what are 
their true motives, behind their nobles causes.

I have no hate..Of course, i don't agree with the KKK causes...and won't 
advertise for them (as you actually do, by hacking their site).


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