Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

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Date Mon, 6 Sep 1999 01:40:53 -0400 (EDT)
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I promise this will be my last post tonight ;)

> If their demonstration had been blocked by a gang of valorous crusaders 
> for the gay rights, people would have never had the chance to understand 
> how stupid and fascist these anti-PACS demonstrators are.
> By attempting to block a message, whatever it may be, you assume that 
> people are too stupid to make their own opinion about this message.
> You don"t even really fight against this message : you just deny the 
> people's right to access information.
> And this is a totalitarian attitude.

You know, it is a lot easier for someone in a position of privilage to
hold this kind of view. I'm not suggesting that you're an affluent
straight white male (and perhaps you are, who knows!) but my experience is
that someone who has had a cross burned on their lawn often sees through
the thinly veiled "free speech" argument.

I fully expect a million flames for this, so please take it as you
I look forward to agreeing with Parsifal on every point. That day will
come when we have erradicated oppression (starting with extremists like
nazis and KKK) - and until then, my friend, we're at war, and sometimes
war calls for extreme measures. Based on your reaction to this discussion,
I am guessing that something as terrible as defacing is pretty
darn extreme.

> Yes, i want racists, nazis to be free of speaking, in order to measure 
> how far they are dephased, and in what proportion they can endanger the 
> whole society.

In my young but traveled experience, for every 99 people that see the
Klansmen on Springer and think, 'What an idiot!', there is one kid
somewhere thinking "Cool!". You encounter this all the time when doing
street level antifa work. (For similar reasons I object to the
glorification of hatemongers in movies like Apt Pupil)


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