Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

From pete <>
Date Mon, 6 Sep 1999 01:18:02 -0400 (EDT)
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> Freedom of speech can not be limited. It exists or it doesn't.
> If it exists, it is for any cause, anybody.
> You can state that freedom of speech is not a right, and it is your right 
> to think this.

I expected to be corrected if I am wrong, but my working interpretation
of freedom of speech is that I can say what I wish without fear of
*government* repression.

Is this not a call to arms for the *people* to take a stand?

> I do not support hacking, in any way, for any pretext.

This is a pretty narrow minded statement.

> According to me, the only serious hacktivism possible deals with 
> providing, and releasing info to people.
> I am still wondering whether this list is dedicated to hackers or to 
> activists .....

There are people on this list who physically march against the KKK, there
are those who will have a sit-in at their local politician's office, and
there are those who will have "peaceful" counter-demonstrations across
town. We all know what groups we fall into. I don't think that this forum
should either be exclusionary or play favorites to any approach.

I see the "hacking BAD" people falling into the liberalized rut of never
making any real progress, though. Can you not see that you're allowing
yourself to be conned into passiveness by groups that use apathy as a


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