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From Frederic Madre <>
Date Sat, 04 Sep 1999 16:02:51 +0200
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>And now we are struggling with the meaning of "moderation".

moderation is a process where someone receives all the posts intended for a 
list and decides what makes it to the list and what does not.

often this is intended as a security measure, either to prevent spam or to 
prevent off topic subjects, stop flame wars. I believe it is antagonist to 
the very idea of internet mailing lists, as it brings an ideology of 
"service", as in "someone is building a community for you, the people". 
eventually people believe they're in a restaurant where they don't even 
know how to get out off...

always moderation is arbitrary, the rules by which this moderation takes 
place are of course never objective and unsurprisingly never written. a 
moderator is at once making the law, the police and the jury. he's also the 

btw, to get back on topic, I seldom see hacks that involve mailing lists.
but when I see it, oh boy is it fun and effective!

>It ain't gonna be easy.


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