Re: Re: list moderation

From Parsifal <>
Date Sat, 4 Sep 99 01:08:23 +0300

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You wrote on 4/09/99 1:38 from

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>>Restricting list access to members, then? No moderator, but no one->way
>spamblasting either.
>> good idea, ag. the drawback is you can't post from multiple >accounts.
>most can live with that.
>> f.
>That's a fair suggestion. Moderation would certainly slow things down and
>inevitably limit the content of the list more than we wanted to.
>Interesting offer from Troy Kirk btw. What exactly happens when somebody
>sends a list of spammers email addresses to those three you posted? Do they
>get blacklisted over the whole network? Not that I'm saying they are probably
>poor innocent people, but that would be quite severe censorship, wouldn't

Don't worry..they will only get an email from their ISP, telling them 
they are bad boys ....

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