Re: Netwar Against the EZLN

From ricardo dominguez <>
Date Thu, 02 Sep 1999 15:03:59 -0400
Organization The Thing
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> Ricardo, some of us are already doing research on alternative network
> infrastructures, both telecom-based and optical-based. We need to
> develop a hactivist version of the old Fidonet, so I'm not at the mercy
> of an MCI frame-relay breakdown.
> Yes, we need more alternative ISP nodes. One is being developed in
> Baltimore. I want to start a TAO/GeoCities hybrid here in Washington.
> What I need is some equipment, some help, and money for the connection.
> I hope to get up within the next year.

Indeed this has been part of the overall trajectories that
communities have also been developing. So we are in agreement
on this type of multiple courses that need to taken.

EDT has also been seeking funding and technical help in
developing mirco_wireless realvideo servers for
the counter_surveilence of human rights abuse of
off_grid communities, like Chiapas--if armies know
that they are watched--it may hold them off a beats
longer than before.

Again as in all the things attempt to create systems,
the ideas come fast, tech comes slow....


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