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Date Thu, 02 Sep 1999 15:12:17 -0400
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ricardo dominguez wrote:
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> Well as someone from infosec said of the EDT in the New York Times..
> *well if is not illegal, it certainly is immoral.*
> as far as infowar_ecologies are concerned any network that offers
> any alternative to neo-liberalism is marked for dissapereance.
> That is why we among alternative networks we must constantly
> move in high decentralized zones and actions.
> As well as develop as soon as possible independent
> ISPs, as well as alternative modes network infrastructures...
> similar to the Internet 2...a series of sub_nets...with  a kinship
> to projects like, the thing, tao..etc...but that are
> nolonger directly part of the dominant networks and routers.
> anyway...hectic thoughts on a hectic day..
> end the end we are all being gather into the same boxcart
> and being sent to the same dark drop off will
> not matter to the InfoSec gangs how
> we define ourselves as hacktivist and beyond..

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm going to get a few shots off
before they throw me in any boxcart. ;-)

I certainly hope that few people here believe that we live in a time
where states are have progressed to a mroe enlightened state. One only
needs to look at the latest about Waco or the new Aussie censorship law
to see that states (acting on behalf of capitalists) will employ blunt
instruments to stamp out any outbreak of democracy.

OK, so maybe Waco isn't about democracy, but it shows what the state
will do when somebody tries to live life differently.

I agree with Ricardo that we "must constantly move in high decentralized
zones and actions." We can strengthen these networks and zones by
sharing our knowledge with people who aren't the "usual suspects." Show
a person a portal and they'll surf for a day; teach them how to code and
they throw up the next Slashdot.

We must fight to maintain the DIY nature of the Internet as much as
possible. This is what threatens the ruling class and their commisars.
The Web is like magazine publishing turned on its head. To me, the
Internet resembles real world publishing, except in this case, the *zine
scene* is the dominant player.

The bosses of the world are really irritated by 151 links on Yahoo under
the category "Consumer Opinion." We need more McSpotlights to shoot down
the TNCs.

Ricardo, some of us are already doing research on alternative network
infrastructures, both telecom-based and optical-based. We need to
develop a hactivist version of the old Fidonet, so I'm not at the mercy
of an MCI frame-relay breakdown.

Yes, we need more alternative ISP nodes. One is being developed in
Baltimore. I want to start a TAO/GeoCities hybrid here in Washington.
What I need is some equipment, some help, and money for the connection.
I hope to get up within the next year.

Finally, we need to pay more attention to archiving and secure
distribution schemes. Mirroring is OK, but servers are easy targets. We
need to get more information on CD-ROM and other formats and spread them
around, so information can't be wiped out. This is the wonderful nature
of books. I've been researching e-serial archiving issues for my
employer and I really think that hactivists need to devote more
attention to this. This is our Y2K issue so to speak. 

Later, gotta get back to coding for the revolution (and the rent).


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