Re: Netwar Against the EZLN

From ricardo dominguez <>
Date Thu, 02 Sep 1999 13:27:35 -0400
Organization The Thing
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Well as someone from infosec said of the EDT in the New York Times..
*well if is not illegal, it certainly is immoral.*

as far as infowar_ecologies are concerned any network that offers
any alternative to neo-liberalism is marked for dissapereance.

That is why we among alternative networks we must constantly
move in high decentralized zones and actions.

As well as develop as soon as possible independent
ISPs, as well as alternative modes network infrastructures...
similar to the Internet 2...a series of sub_nets...with  a kinship
to projects like, the thing, tao..etc...but that are
nolonger directly part of the dominant networks and routers.

anyway...hectic thoughts on a hectic day..

end the end we are all being gather into the same boxcart
and being sent to the same dark drop off will
not matter to the InfoSec gangs how
we define ourselves as hacktivist and beyond..

over and out,

Flint Jones wrote:

> [: hacktivism :]
> This quote is the most relavent ones to hacktivists in general.  To
> decrypt it out of government speak... The governmental strategy will be to
> annihilate social networks that oppose the government ("delinquent
> groups").  Any organization that appears to have a connection through such
> a network will be part of the government strategy.  That strategy includes
> classic counterinsurgency (mass murder, assassinations, rape, beatings),
> spread lies, sending in spies, creating front groups.
> None of this is new, its Cointelpro with a new label for the new millenia,
> and its no different than whats been going on throughout the world.
> If you dissent, or support anyone who dissents... your an enemy of the
> state and they intend to destroy you.  This is even if your just opposed
> to government brutality of its own citizens or whatever.
> I don't really find this that disturbing... what I do find disturbing is
> the casual way which this policy is presented.
> Based on the idea of this policy, I'm sure TAO certainly qualifies as a
> social network which has ties to deliquent groups (ofcourse, I guess so
> does Hotmail and Geocities ;)  And,  any of us on this list (unless were
> spooks) pretty much qualify as enemies.
> They are talking about destroying a social network... by any means they
> can.  Hacktivism seems very non-violent in comparison.  Should using
> floodnet qualify you for execution?  Seems like thats what some advisors
> are recommending as policy.
> We don't even have to ask, "Which side are you on?"; it seems we've all
> been grouped together.
> Solid,
>         Flint
> > The
> > netwar strategy is focused on analyzing and containing,
> > isolating, de-structuring and immobilizing--and
> > even annihilating--social networks, like those
> > pertaining to narcotraffic, to terrorists, and other
> > delinquent groups.  According to "The Zapatista
> > Social Netwar," strategy ought to focus not just
> > on the EZLN, but on all organizations, fronts and
> > individuals who form part of the broad zapatista
> > support network (in which leadership is diluted).
> > Thus, the analysts recommend, all kinds of actions
> > and tactics should be imposed, from classic
> > counterinsurgency methods (harrassment, threats,
> > psychological actions, kidnapings, paramilitary
> > group attacks, individual executions, etcetera) to
> > disinformation campaigns, espionage, the
> > creation of NGO's financed by the government
> > as a counterpoint to the independent ones (linked to the
> > network), among others.
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