FIOA & Leonard P.

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2000 05:45:12 -0800 (PST)

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Greetz All...

I guess you might be right about the gov and
their choices of selection for harassment.
Depends on what they perceive as normal.

I for one am not encouraged by their track
& I bet I am not atypical mainstream normal
either. who is? who classifies the term normal?
We all decide that for ourselves.
Unfortunately, I would be willing to bet, there
is only a handful of textbook Norms here on this
That leaves the rest of us open.
Open season.

Ah yes. Another pet peeve of mine. The FOIA.

Here,below, is a classic example of the much
touted "Freedom of Information act",
FOIA.............and a VIP case up for review Any
Time now.

In my humble opinion The "Freedom of Information
act" is   in need of serious restructuring. It is
dismally flawed. All of the documents I have
gotten and/or seen are virtually unreadable.
Somehow I do not believe this to be an accident.
Or typos.
 Here is an example. (Of several things the Fed/
Government is capable of in fact.)
((And a shameless plug for Leonard... :)
A free fax is waiting to go out to the Prez, with
your name/s on it.
A FOIA "snafu"?

A Letter Responding to Senator Dole's Request for
the Current Status of Leonard Peltier's Access to
the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Files.

  Example of the Kind of Documents the FBI
Released After the FOIA Lawsuit was Won in 1987

  FOIA Main Page | Peltier's Statement 2/96 |
Introductory Comments | FOIA Status Request |
| Events Before Shoot-Out | The Investigation and
Cover-Up | The Other Suspects |
| Butler-Robideau Trial | Peltier Extradition |
Peltier Trial | Pre-Sentencing Statement |
| Post Conviction | Second Parole Hearing |
Letters of Support |

& the list goes on.......

Here are the latest actions:

December 10
 Countdown to Clemency - Peltier Walk For Freedom
in New York City

 Flyer: Leonard Peltier Walk For Freedom
[Download, print & distribute Flyer]

 Urgent Telephone Campaign [A letter from
Peltier's Attorney, Jennifer Harbury]

 Congressional Campaign

 Counter FBI Attacks in the Media: Letters to the

  As a part of the effort to counter FBI media
attacks: Download, Print & Distribute "The Case
of Leonard Peltier: Statement of Fact"
and "Statement Regarding the FBI's False
Statements in Media."

Ethics Complaint: Section III. Post Trial Conduct
of U.S. Officials


Download, Print & Distribute LPDC Informational

IF you have a few minutes extra....Please to pop
off a fax or 2 ???

We need any & all help we can get.

Peace All.

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