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From jaundice frijoles <>
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 11:00:42 -0500

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I do believe that some of us are really taking things out of context. I
think a major downfall of groups like this is that when great minds get
together they have a tendency to constantly want to outdo each other.
Ultimately we're stepping on each others heads en route to the soapbox. It's
at least arguable that most of us who post to this list are generally
heading in the same direction; but like children in the back of our parents
cars' we must constantly be annoying the hell out of each other :)

I'd personally like to see people being slightly more supportive of each
other and reading the posts for the message the authors are intending to get
across; rather than scanning for
grammatical/historical/philosophical/whathaveyou errors that we can call
each other on. I see some AMAZING minds here, and the power is inspiring.
I'd like to see it blossom before we scratch our own eyes out.

While we sit here defining these ever so close shades of grey, we forget
that the bulk of society hasn't even noticed the grey area yet at all. Some
of the more 'radical' concepts most of US know & love haven't even been
presented to the masses in a form they can embrace.

A lot of the 'old rants', 'tired clichés', etc; keep momentum not only
because they're backed by validity, but are constantly being redefined as
well. When someone says 'Big Brother' these days, it may not have the same
nazi-germany-esque' meaning that you assume it to. Reality IS subjective and
this is a perfect example of why. Here we are yelling at each other over
trivial things like the definition of 'Big Brother' & 'Subjective reality';
when the reason for our varying definitions of 'Big Brother' may just be
directly accredited to the fact that we're living in a subjective reality.
Something to think about.

hope my spelling is correct ;)

(I tried to post this 2 days ago but was getting rejected due to dns
problems on my end)

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