chaos baby

From john doe <>
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 17:05:40 GMT

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I mighty be little loney here in thinking this, but I am I the only one who 
can see the potental for the US to erupt in total anarchy here. I mean it 
does not matter who wins Florida anymore. Because it is a safe bet that who 
ever loses Florida will contest other states. Meanwhile the public's 
confidence in the goverment deminishes by each passing day. Have we not seen 
similar things in the Balkans in recent history.The only difference between 
and there is that here we chose to argue not riot.... I wonder how long that 
will last if things keep up...... The US has not been this devided 
politicaly since the Civil War. The last time I looked Bush and Gore were 
held about = in the popular vote.  I too am calling for and end to the 
electoral college, but first lets get the next Head of State in office 
before the whole nation undoes 200 years of work toward those ideals we hold 
so true to our hearts. Life, Liberty, Happiness and the ability to Hack

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