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Date 10 Nov 2000 12:40:03 -0000

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Living in the mind of Big Brother: A Hacktivist Essay

By The Pr0phet, Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management

The deceptions of the media have pervaded our world so much that it is now quite difficult to define what is "reality" and what the various medias say is "reality". There is a fine line between what is true and what is false; allow me to draw it for you.  Truth as propagated by the media is tailored to suit the needs of the corporations who own the media. Corporations like those of Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch. It is a simple transaction, if you control the media then you control information. Control information and you effectively control consensual reality. If enough people believe something to be true then it becomes true, regardless of whether or not the event actually occurred. History, as we know it, is written by the victors, and generally speaking, the victorious do not enjoy having their hidden atrocities become public domain. We cannot know if the history we are taught in schools is true, or if it is just propaganda put forth by the victorious to further their own goals. Donít believe me? Get an American history book about World War II, and a Japanese textbook on World War II and compare notes. Iím sure some differences will be contained within concerning the wartime practices of the each side respectively. History is false, question everything.
One of Big Brotherís greatest feats, thus far, has been in convincing a large portion of the planetís populace that Big Brother doesnít exist, that Big Brother is just a common delusion of paranoiacs everywhere.
Big Brother eventuated a long time ago, consider this: we live in a world where every single electronic transaction has the possibility of being intercepted via the Echelon system, where satellites can, more or less, look down any street, at any time. We live in a world where cameras monitor public places, educational institutions, hygiene facilities, and of course the work place. A world in which programs in your computer can feed information to corporations, information that can and is used to target you for add campaigns designed to indoctrinate with the latest in globalisation propaganda. A world in which rape is an everyday occurrence, rape of the mind, in school, rape of the soul, in church (perhaps the biggest globalisation venture there is), and rape of the human will, in the coils of the different economies.  Big Brother is real and here to stay, we may have lost the battle, but we do not necessarily have to lose the war. Indeed, it is very important that we not forget that we can win the war. We already have all the tools we need. We have our weapons and our weapons are ourselves. The mind is the most powerful weapon on this or any other world, the trick is learning to use it. Recognise propaganda for what it is, and inform others of your observations, battle with intelligence and not with violence, and destabilise the New World Order with information. Information is power. Information is control. Information is the name of the new God. It is up to us to ensure that it is the right information, and any group is made up of individuals. Fight the good fight, and always search for insight. The propagated lies and fascist regimes of past information moguls has killed many an innocent person. Donít let it happen again, the choice is yours to make. The blood of dead innocents demands nothing less.

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