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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Thu, 9 Nov 2000 22:33:49 -0800 (PST)

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Good thing I'm crosseyed. %) 
Anyone else? anyone?
 ....We can keep an eye on this beastie too.
 Now is the time they(WTO) will likely be
 to get more of their sh** dealings concocted 
& implemented, Virtually Unnoticed by
unsuspecting eyes fully consumed (& amused) by
the usa fraudian elekshuns.

Here is something for the rest of ya crosseyed
multitaskers...feed yer head. Run with it.

With my other eyez..
I'm also writing about the abolishment of the
electoral college....and writing demanding a New
Not for just Florida..

Tho It is not making Newz much cause of 'good ole
brother jeb', BUT..They are Not the only 1one1s
whom had...indescrepencies on their ballots..
oh no..they are not.
We had em here in SmallVille even! 
((Luckily I had me TRUSTY old pocketprotector
fully loaded that day!!))

One savy kid began their paper, turned in at a
local grade school, on the sub of this election..

"Something weird is going on..."

 It just goes to show:
Go ahead,fbi..Do your thing.
They are not as dumb as you want em to be...
so sorry..for U.  ;)

There IS hope.


From: David McKnight
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 16:38:46 +0000 (GMT) 
Subject: [StopWTORound] WTO Action 

apologies for cross postings!!!
-------------PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY-------------

Dear All,
As you may or may not know the World Trade
Organisation is 
still at large, with trade liberalisation still
high on the 
agenda of the UK Government and at the EU.
UK-based student network People and Planet have
launched an impressive campaign on global trade

I have attached below a copy of a letter drafted
by people 
and planet urging MPs to take action on this
Please find the time to print off the letter and
send it to 
your MP at
House of Commons

Best wishes,



After the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
Ministerial in 
Seattle collapsed amidst public protest and
disagreement, the UK Secretary for Trade and
announced that "the WTO will not be able to
continue in its 
present form. There has to be fundamental and
change in order for it to meet the needs and
aspirations of 
all its members".

I am very concerned that although no such changes
have been 
implemented, the government is still recklessly
trying to 
expand the powers of the WTO, with little regard
for how 
this will affect poor people in both North and
South, or 
the global environment. Specifically I am
concerned that:

1. The government is still pushing for a
new round of WTO trade negotiations despite not
knowing the 
impacts of the last round. Can you assure me that
government will oppose any further WTO expansion
until a 
credible, independent assessment of the social
environmental impacts of the last round of trade 
negotiations is completed ?

2. The European Commission is supporting the
expansion of the little-known WTO General
Agreement on 
Trade in Services (GATS), which covers all public
I am worried that the GATS will erode public
services, and 
lead to increased privatisation and
commercialisation of 
healthcare and education sytems worldwide. I
would be 
grateful if you could let me know if you are
aware of the 
GATS negotiations, and what you understand the
to be ?

Yours sincerely,



D.J. McKnight
Room 107
Department of Geography
Roxby Building
University of Liverpool
L69 3BX

(0151) 727 0989


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