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From Lorax <>
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 18:34:18 +0000 (GMT)

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On 10 Nov 2000, Perception Control wrote:
> Living in the mind of Big Brother: A Hacktivist Essay
> By The Pr0phet, Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management

I take offense at the idea of "Perception Control" or "Perception Management", as these
are the very things that should be worked against by activists everywhere!  :)  On behalf of 
free thinking minds, I object!

> One of Big Brotherís greatest feats, thus far, has been in convincing a large portion of the planetís populace that Big Brother doesnít exist, that Big Brother is just a common delusion of paranoiacs everywhere.

Thinking of "Big Brother" as a singular or cohesive entity is a common delusion.  
While it does provide for the creation of entertaining manefestos, I think it 
does harm to the credability of genuine concerns for personal freedom and privacy, which
I think of as "security of the person".  

The 'real world' threat to us is much less global government collusion and much more
ignorance and the usual corporate mandate for shareholder value above all else.  The 
power that a corporation wields in government is far greater than the access available
to citizens of that government, which allows for demographic collection and monitoring,
each byte of data increasing the monitary value of the details known about your life and
lifestyle.  That is the threat, when your phone line is monitored for 'quality assurance',
and the location of your ATM and credit cards are tracked with each transaction, when 
the shipping company inspects your packages for 'contraband', where each channel changed
on your cable box shapes ratings, when facial recognition packages are attached to the 
security cameras at McDonalds let head office know if you wanted fries.   :)  

- Lorax

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