Re: Warzael's Rant -go see for yourself

From Isaac M Bernstein <>
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 05:58:54 -0500

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Hey, hold on a sec:  I think there's been some exaggeration here.  Not
that I don't believe -- know -- that the government of the United States
is capable of anything.  But I think that they won't normally go that
far.  Of course, if you deliberately annoy them, they will do something;
they have their pride, after all.  But a normal citizen, looking for info
-- they won't do much, if anything.

Yes, the information is available, but they try to make it difficult to
get it -- try to convince you to change your mind before continuing.  I
know.  I sent an FOIA request to the NSA about breaking DES encryption,
almost definitely a trick to make it easier for them to crack private
correspondence.  Guess what they replied?  Although I had clearly stated
I would publicly publish the info, in which case I should not have to pay
anything, they said my request was considered "all- other" and therefore
I would have to pay for search time over two hours and copied pages over
100.  Furthermore, they claim a parial search is unavailable.  They
casually added that a similar request was being proccessed, SUBMITTED IN
1992, and that the information would probably be available by OCTOBER
2000!  And naturaly, they didn't give me the price per hour or page!
Personally, I have no desire to pay for over *10 years* of research!

Propaganda I know exists -- I have personaly witnessed it many times.
And woe to any politician that is unfriendly with the Media Kingdom!

Freedom forever, if possible...


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