Re: Warzael's Rant -go see for yourself

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 03:06:39 -0800 (PST)

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Methinks what Pr0phet is talking about
The native toungue of Governments World Wide.

Propaganda is in itself a form of altered

BTW<((..the very same propaganda that has many
people believing we live in a Democracy here in
the usa....We don't. 
Doubt it? look it up. Ya wont find the word
anywhere in any Constitution or any other

 One man's trash is another man's treasure...

Panic? Paranoia?..maybe for the faint of heart.
This lowely surf would druther know what is going seems easier to deal with the sensless
mundane stuff that seems to happen for no reasone

There are scads of documented "official" forms of
"altered reality" performed on unsuspecting
citizens, World Wide.... 

They are not even trying to hide it. 
Anyone can read em...occasionally a file slips
out that they get cranky over, but oft times,
it's cool. "They" know no one will believe you.
if you try to show will go to jail..
or worse.
You end up in the street. With nothing.

Sound like a movie? All myths are based in Facts.

So far..Disorganized & uncordinated attempts to
reveal it to the public have delighted &
encouraged them (the agencies perpetrating said
tests) to flaunt it in our faces. 
..having "crackpots" running about ranting &
raving pleases them immensley.

JQpeople get turned off by them & go back to
None the wiser. Business as usual.

organise wisely if you want to expose anything...
& good luck.

Disbelieve? Curious? go to the DOD site, of ANY
GOvernment...try some keywords....
>From Germ/or/herbicidal field tests, to modified
behavior studies.....the list is endless..& will
tax your immagination. 

& What about those fraudulant "vaccinations" they
did to us in the 40-50-60's??? what did they do
with those cell samples? 
((Done to us all in this usa & maybe elsewhere in
the world too?, unsuspecting.)) 

Ask em about it? & they won't deny it. 
They don't have to.

or try..FBI..or...cia..or  your equivilents.

try out some Wild keywords. 
You might be surprised by what you turn up.
Depending on how far you might see the
world in a clearer light.

Sleeping sound again may be a problem though.

but, if you DO go...I suggest you don't stay
there too long.....
Copy ONLY if you MUST..(to CD!Floppy, something
easy & fast to pop out..)At your own risk...

& don't forget to empty your History, Recent &
Internet files folders.
Immediately upon leaving..everything you looked
at is there...
Sucker bait. All your cookies are now possible

keep it as quick-n-clean as ya can..if you hang
around too long..they get curious about you.
Especially if they catch you digging in the
"wrong" files...

& ya cant get rid of it all on your HD but you
can make it harder for them to Prove you saw it.

& Be Sure to remember...They ALL speak this same
Information is their currancy.
Power is their god.
Think they won't notice you? HAR!
Think again. 

Reality HAS been altered.
The brain IS a computer....
Is your programing reliable? ARE on camera..
your image is bouncing off sattelights.
That tree may or may not be a tree.
You decide for yourself.
No matter what it is still there.

Ever hear about the ancient poem of the three
blind men & the elephant?

 & I would give my eyeteeth to get a peek at what
was originally written in the bible..before
organised 'church's' got a hold of it.

Happy revelations..........


--- Perception Control <> wrote:
> Keep in mind these are just my opinions, not
> that of HBPPM itself.
> Your first misunderstanding, Raschid, is
> assuming I am talking about physical reality.

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