Re: PrOphet forgot to take his Prozac again

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Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 17:12:06 -0000

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Well, perhaps it should be called Perception Influence.  Because 
there is no doubt that there is role to play in shaping the way 
people perceive hacktivism.  It would be unfortunate if we allowed 
the Dark Side to win purely on the basis of public relations.

It is a delicate balance between encouragement and enforcement.

Everybody on this list knows that control is an illusion; everybody 
knows that the 'delete msg' button is a mouse-click away.  At least 
the presence of the control word encourages you to read all the 
way to the bottom of the post!!! :)

This list is riddled with the paradoxes of free thinking vs. control.  
Even security has its full-disclosure philosophical wranglings.  
Expect to find contradiction here - this is the edge of the internet, 
where technology meets people.  People have differing views on 
how to use tools..... since its inception, this list has tossed the ball 
of black and white hacking for political cause back and forth.

Is it right to deface a hate site?

Controllers will say yes.  Free-thinkers will say no.  But both 
groups can hack.  And thus, we have this conversation 

A while back someone observed that we all have the same goals.. 
but we are arguing on how to accomplish them.  Extended dialogue 
such as the ongoing debate over "controlled free thought" can only 
bring us closer to agreement.


(who dares to mention that 1) he hacks for Krishna (heeheh) 2) he 
thinks Krishna = Christ (look at the spelling!), and 3) he thinks all 
gods are extraterrestrials anyway.  Hack The Universe, sister!!! ;-)

(there is a more, god is a metaphor for nature, separating the 
message from the messenger, Noah's Ar^H^HSpaceship, Merry 
Krishnas and their intoxicating frankinsense (sp), devil/hell = 
metaphor for nasty people/consequences of their actions, etc ..)

(I still think this is on-topic, because religion is a major source of 
contention in the world, and if it can be demystified, at least we 
can waste time on something else.  I believe in ME.  Krishna is a 
metaphor for love.  The Love God.  Or a cute little ET with a radiant 
attitude.  With blue skin, 4 faces, 8 arms and a flaming chariot...  
Or a way to get everyone to row in the same direction.. however 
you want to interpret it.)

(Terence McKenna sez: "....because the WORLD is made of 
WORDS .... and if you KNOW the WORDS that the WORLD is 
MADE OF, you can MAKE OF IT anything you wish."  But then, he 
was a trippy dude who also believed that elves with pyramids and 
UFOs existed inside everybody's heads.)

PS. is prozac the best you guys can get over there. ;)

On 14 Nov 2000, at 10:45, Tom Anderson wrote:
> Does anyone else find the antics of "PrOphet" as humorous as I?
> This list appears to be an open forum, but that wasn't good enough for
> the "Perception Controlling PrOphet".  Nope, had to create an

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