: Crack web squad to target internet criminals

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Mon, 13 Nov 2000 12:14:19 GMT
Subject: Crack web squad to target internet criminals - Ananova

An elite UK unit of cyber cops is to be set up to crack down on
paedophiles and fraudsters who surf the internet.

The 25 million unit will join regional forces to tackle internet crime in
their areas.

The cyber force will also work to combat hackers and dangerous
computer viruses, like the "I Love You" bug which wreaked havoc
with systems last summer.

Up to 40 dedicated investigators will be based at the multi-agency
National Hi-Tech Crime Unit in London and 46 in local forces.

The unit, which will start work in April next year, will include staff
taken from police, customs, the National Crime Squad and the
National Criminal Intelligence Service.

Home Secretary Jack Straw said: "The Government is committed to
action against hi-tech crime in line with our objective of making the
UK the best and safest place in the world to conduct and engage in

"Modern technologies such as the internet offer up huge legitimate
benefits, but also powerful opportunities for criminals, from those
involved in financial fraud to the unlawful activities of paedophiles."

The funding will also fulfil the UK's international commitments. Cyber
crime was discussed at a G8 meeting in Berlin a few weeks ago,
and it was agreed there is a need to have a team dedicated to
internet crime to provide an instant response, says a Home Office

The cash will also be used to help fund an international 24-hour
hotline to trade information on cybercrime, she adds.

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