Re: WTO protest anniversary

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 04:27:45 -0800 (PST)

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                  Yes, Heather
      There is Something New in the WTO wind.

 We at 'Stop WTORound' are talking over  what to
do about an Online Forum invite issued by the

So far every Yay, Nay has it's valid points.
Bottom line..we dont trust the b*stards.

Yet.. If we don't take this "dubious" opportunity
to speak 'with' them..
we will never know if we Might have had any

One thing I believe is: If we don't at least give
it a try, they can  & WILL  say we were
completely uncooperative.
 (As THEY most likey will be if we DO try this..)

Sitting in on Boardroom discussions are a waste
of valuable time, trying to shout em down to get
a point heard is counterproductive.

An online forum?....worth Deep consideration.
 OUR Home Turf for many of us.
I Would Rather Set Myself On Fire
than to play into their hands or,
as some surmise we might be,
held up & touted as "cooperating" with them.

 Also, I would not want to give them another
single thing they could use to make us look any
worse to the very public eyes we are trying to
activate, then they are spouting already.

 To lend a single scrap of credence to their
'facts' is more than we should allow.
it is a damned if ya do & damned if ya don't kind
of scenario.
I'm still voting yes.. again. (& May live to
regret it,) but I feel we could always decline
(gracefully) if it got to bad in there.

Nothing ventured..Nothing gained.
If you want to make something grow, you first
have to plant it.
(& yes..sometimes get a little dirty.)
 Walking into the Lions Den is becoming a habit!
or...In this case, more like "Welcome to my
Parlour, Said the Spider to the Fly."
A Lion is straightforward..
You know where you stand with them.

(( I know. Not as exciting & flashy as a Street
Protest,   But,   Something new, anyway.))

I do wish the N30-2000. protest would be as big
(or bigger) than the last one!
(That would lend powerful punch to our crusade.)
It would surely send the message to ALL
governments WW , (& the sleeping public )
Clearer & louder  than last year.
Ah well.   We can hope.

 (Notice,jjf? I'm trying REALLY hard! ;)
it IS a lousy habit...& I'm going to break it.
It's been my thang for a looong time. =)


--- Heather <> wrote:
>  Any cyber actions planned to support this one?

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