Leonard Peltier

From Tom Anderson <slideglide@hotmail.com>
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 17:52:47 MST

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Leonard Peltier was convicted of shooting 2 FBI agents at Wounded Knee on
the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, USA in the early 1970s.  Because
he's a Native American, his trial was a fixer and he didn't stand a chance.
Amnesty International has been fighting for Leonard's release for years on
the grounds that he's a political prisoner.

Right now, Leonard's clemency petition is on the desk of Bill Clinton.
Anyone, US citizen or not, can sign the petition on-line.  Just go to
http://www.freepeltier.org/.  At the site you can read Leonard's story in
detail (from his extradition from Canada based on the testimony of a girl
who had never met Peltier who was threatened by FBI goons to his conviction
as vidication for 3 other Native Americans getting off "scot free" which
made FBI agents cry at the verdict)and also get the number of the White
House, if you want to call.

You can also rent the video "Incident at Ogagla" which is a documentary on
the subject.


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