Re: chaos baby, yeah......

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 04:42:32 -0800 (PST)

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You aint lonely, we are working for it!
Yeah..the EC has to go...But!...some other beast
must be chained in it's place or...the lesser
populated states will be ignored.

Bush gets in you can scratch the Hack..
He'll eat us for breakfast.
he dont like us much..

What we are trying to do here is fight
that...with whatever we can get our grubby little
hands on.

The whole mess (which THEY built, BTW,) is
crashing it must..twas doomed from the
So...there is a scramble for the bits &
peices..some want to patch it up & let it hobble
on...others want to scatter the peices to the 4
winds so that it can never exist again...&
replace it all with something that has a
soul...(Figuratively speaking-Not meant to impose
any religious intonations here..)....To make
something that we can LIVE with.

A NEW constitution wouldnt be so amiss
either...specially when it's used the way some
are trying to use it!

Anarchy? I HOPE so! LONG overdue...
Civil war?...never really did end as far as I
could see...
Gore isnt perfect, but Gdubya..he gets in..&
watch our L,L,& pers of H..& ab2H turn into a
"police state"...Martial Law will prevail...I
hope Freenet is ready...


--- john doe <> wrote:
> I mighty be little loney here in thinking this,
> but I am I the only one who 
> can see the potental for the US to erupt in
> total anarchy here. I mean it 

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