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From Heather <>
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 20:49:10 -0000

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> Absolutely agree with the remarks about size: democracy was invented in
> about 600 B.C. It worked excellently there, notably because of the small
size of
> the <<polis>> (never more than about 50.000 voting residents, the other
> inhabitants being the far more numerous slaves and peasants).

I too agree and have some small hopes of (maybe) seeing democracy working
for once here in Scotland within our new Parliamentary system, which has a
reasonable proportional representation within. We are indeed , for once, in
that respect enjoying an advantage from being a depopulated nation.
(allthough obviously I have even higher hopes of the SNP and independance)

> ? Having problems solved by tyrants WORKED !!
For a considerable length of time the Clan system worked well here, and
probably still would if it hadn't been for various invaders (I don't want to
blame the Saxons specifically, if it hadn't been them it could have been
someone else). However when I look at our Royal family (Sorry, Scots
Nationalists-I should probably say "The Winsors" or something) I can't quite
see that working very well now, somehow. I've given up expecting this list
to get back on topic any other way than organically, oddly enough the  Scots
Global Action list are currently engaged in discussion about the Celts
relation to the Africans and why depictions of Christ resemble Apollo and
the Cyber Rights list have had a debate entitled "off topic" going (without
criticism) for 2 weeks now. I retract all previous whinging as a waste of
time and hereby declare a u-turn in my thinking, let the off-topics run
their natural course, after all that's how chaos works I suppose. ) Second time I posted this URL,
still worth reading!

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