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Ranwa Yehia
Daily Star staff

Arab hackers are attempting to divert Israeli funds from buying
weapons and ammunition to fight the Palestinians by forcing the 
state to invest in repairing and safeguarding internet service
providers in Tel Aviv.

In an e-mail sent to The Daily Star, the staff of UNITY website,
created to encourage Arab supporters to target Israeli sites in an
attempt to down them, announced that phase three of the cyberwar 

Remember, the more money they lose in fixing and strengthening 
systems means less money to buy bullets and rockets for use 
our children, stated the e-mail, addressed to Arab internet users 
have been active in attacking Israeli sites.

Maybe you cant hold a gun and fight, but you can contribute in the
struggle by visiting and forwarding the counter attack links, it said,
listing the links: defend.unity-news.com and hizbollah.unity-

Every dollar they lose means one less bullet for the Zionist soldiers
ammunition, it means a life of a Palestinian child, the e-mail said.
One of the UNITY staffers, who spoke to The Daily Star on 
condition of
anonymity, said the attacks were simply an act of self-defense.

He also threatened that Israeli e-commerce sites would be 
attacked if
Israelis and their supporters attempt to touch any anti-Zionist site.
Attacking e-commerce sites is listed as phase four in the cyberwar
attack. UNITY said the aim would make the Israelis lose millions of
dollars in losses in transactions.

The reason phase three of the cyberwar was initiated, the staff 
explained, was because Israelis and their supporters hacked into
Hizbullahs Al-Manar Television website last week, combined with a
Zionist action against UNITY.

All this forced us to start phase three of the cyberwar, he said.

Alan Abbey, the managing editor of an Israeli website,
israel.internet.com, posted an article on the website describing how
moving hosts out of Israel was shaking up the high-tech business

Due to what Abbey described as the serious threat of cyber-
a web company, Webstyle, is moving all of its Israeli-based hosting 
the US, making them harder to attack.  However, Arab hackers 
become so effective that even the FBI has warned that the cyber
attacks on Israeli sites could spill over to the US.

A recent advisory from the FBIs cybercrime unit said: Due to the
credible threat of terrorist acts in the Middle East region, and the
conduct of these web attacks, (internet users) should exercise
increased vigilance to the possibility that US government and
private-sector websites may become potential targets.

The FBI said the method of attacks against Israeli websites 
automated e-mail floods and high volumes of coordinated requests 
web services by pro-Palestinians.

The FBI has recommended certain security measures for 
agencies and private businesses. Security officials should be 
to take appropriate steps to prevent e-mail flood attacks, block
source e-mail addresses in the event of a flooding, and ensure that
appropriate patches are installed in operating systems to limit
vulnerability to other denial-of-service attack methods.

In response, UNITY circulated an e-mail encouraging every freedom
fighter with networking and hacking skills to contact them at

UNITY is also encouraging Arab website owners to post hacking 
because UNITY sites are being constantly attacked by pro-Israelis.
Sites promoting cyberattacks on Israeli sites which are still running


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