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Alright. Bear in mind. people, the following is a rant, *on* a rant. But
let's all play logical for a moment, as we examine. You'll see my comments
in * *'s

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On 10 Nov 2000 12:40:03 -0000, wrote:

>  Living in the mind of Big Brother: A Hacktivist Essay
>  By The Pr0phet, Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management
>  The deceptions of the media have pervaded our world so much that it is
now quite difficult to define what is "reality" and what the various medias
say is "reality". 

*It's perfectly easy to define reality. Any fool can look around and see
that if I punch a wall, it hurts. If I stab someone, they die. If I can
breathe, then I'm alive. Reality is what we percieve through our senses. The
idea of the "media" controlling your five senses is ludicrous. When the
media can broadcast directly onto your retinas, has replaced your eardrums
with mini-amps, desensitized your skin, plugged up your nose and ripped our
your tongue for tasting, THEN our friend here might be accurate in saying
that the media defines reality. But until then, let's hold off with the
melodramatic opening statements, shall we?*

> There is a fine line between what is true and what is false; allow >me to
draw it for you.  Truth as propagated by the media is tailored to suit the
needs of the corporations who own the media. 

***That first sentence is logically impossible. If somethine is "true", then
it is unquestionably true in all situations. That means that what it "true"
is easily distinguishable from what is "false". If I have an apple, then it
is not a pear, and vice versa. Yet there IS no "fine line" between the
definition OF the pear and the apple. It is necessarily self-evident that
the statement is true. To make a statement like that is to defeat your own
logic before you get out of the gate. If I say "mathematics is the
foundation of universe." Then that is too is entirely correct; we can prove
that mathematics governs everything: anarchy and chaos governs nothing. With
the type of chaos our friend seems to wish for, we'd never be here in the
first place. Why is it that the order we see around us, that beautiful
elegance of design, is always forsaken for chaos and the shadows? The second
sentence of this excerpt is the first logical thing our good friend has
said. Yes, it is entirely without question that media corporations will
report what is in their best interests. That's the nmature of democracy, and
capitalism. It means that every crackpot or large corporation has the
*ability* (if not necessarily the means) to put their thoughts into the
mainstream. The ability of us to hold this list in the first place for rants
like "Fuck the government!" says a lot about the precious freedom which
America has. If you don't like America, go to Russia. I hear their freedom
of the press is fabulous....:D  *** 

>Corporations like those of Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch. It is a simple
transaction, if you control the media then you control information. Control
information and you effectively control consensual reality. If enough people
believe something to be true then it becomes true, regardless of whether or
not the event actually occurred. 

*** Actually, what our friend is saying here has a lot of merit to it. Most
of us have read 1984, and we all know how true it is; for example, looking
at post-modern Russia, where the Second World War is percieved as caused by
AMERICAN aggression..... The author is the complimented on raising this

>History, as we know it, is written by the victors, and generally speaking,
the victorious do not enjoy having their hidden atrocities become public
domain. We cannot know if the history we are taught in schools is true, or
if it is just propaganda put forth by the victorious to further their own!

*** History is not always written by the victors. In Armenia and Ethoipia,
the Christian church has been persecuted unbelievably; during the first
World War, it was common practice for the Turks to slaughter every Christian
they could find. Entire villages of thousands were murdered, simply for the
crime of their faith in Christ. Millions died, yet we don't hear about that.
The Turks didn't win, neither did the allies. The Russians did, capturing
Armenia, and turning it into a satellite state. Were it not for the efforts
of evangelical Christians to remind modern Christians of the slaughter of
their brethren, then we would have no basis to counter the accusation that
"Christianity kills everyone". Next to the Jews, Christianity has
historically been the most persecuted religion on the planet. I agree with
the statement that we cannot know the truth of public education. The Federal
Department of Education has publicly stated that the purpose of public
schooling is to create "good citizens". Whatever happened to teaching basic
facts, and letting children discover on their own? Public schooling has
become the teaching of the ultra-liberal and the fringe elements. I left
school in my freshman year to teach myself (also called homeschooling)
because I was honestly disgusted with my education in public schools (and we
couldn't afford private.) Since my test scores are that of a college senior
at 17, there isn't a thing the government can say. :D*** 

>   Donít believe me? Get an American history book about World War II, and a
Japanese textbook on World War II and compare notes. Iím sure some
differences will be contained within concerning the wartime practices of the
each side respectively. History is false, question everything.

***History is influenced by the victors; I remind everyone of a comment made
by Cicero: "The historian is the noblest calling. He ought to fear nothing,
not even death. Above all, he should treasure the truth above all prizes."
That is entirely true. The "education" we're giving our children amounts to
feel-good touchy-feely liberal bullshit. (Heh. Yes, I have a SMALL dislike
of government schooling.)

>  One of Big Brotherís greatest feats, thus far, has been in convincing a
large portion of the planetís populace that Big Brother doesnít exist, that
Big Brother is just a common delusion of paranoiacs everywhere.

The idea of "Big Brother" is silly in and of itself. It implies an
intelligent malevolent force out simply to confound freedom and destroy the
liberty of common people. There *IS* no huge government conspiracy, no
Illuminati, nothing. The governments of our world are made of people such as
you and I; some good, some bad, but PEOPLE nonetheless. We cannot lump them
all together as this huge entity of evil. It is the realm of paranoiacs to
claim that it is.

>  Big Brother eventuated a long time ago, consider this: we live in a world
where every single electronic transaction has the possibility of being
intercepted via the Echelon system, where satellites can, more or less, look
down any street, at any time. We live in a world where cameras monitor
public places, educational institutions, hygiene facilities, and of course
the work place. A world in which programs in your computer can feed
information to corporations, information that can and is used to target you
for add campaigns designed to indoctrinate with the latest in globalisation
propaganda. A world in which rape is an everyday occurrence, rape of the
mind, in school, rape of the soul, in church (perhaps the biggest
globalisation venture there is), and rape of the human will, in the coils of
the different economies.  

***Maybe camera monitor public places in Britain, or other countries; the
problem in this entire essay of our friend is that he takes specific
incidences and generalizes. That's dangerous. Here's how his logic goes. One
street gets a camera. Therefore, there must be camera everywhere! In the
plants! In the sky! Wait! The birds are ultra-high tech cameras Beware! Stay
in your house, lock your doors!! Ridiculous? Of course; I'm making a point.
The absurdity of that statement is clearly evident. Governments do not have,
and never will, the level of control and power that the author of the essay
propounds. He also claims that religion is the 'greatest globalization
venture there is'. Well, there might just actually *be* something in it, if
it appears to work so well! Where the precepts of Christianity go,
typically, freedom does as well (America is one of the only countries left
still rabidly holding onto it's Christian roots. Mean anything?***

>Big Brother is real and here to stay, we may have lost the battle, but we
do not necessarily have to lose the war. Indeed, it is very important that
we not forge!
>   We already have all the tools we need. We have our weapons and our
weapons are ourselves. The mind is the most powerful weapon on this or any
other world, the trick is learning to use it. Recognise propaganda for what
it is, and inform others of your observations, battle with intelligence and
not with violence, and destabilise the New World Order with information.
Information is power. Information is control. Information is the name of the
new God. It is up to us to ensure that it is the right information, and any
group is made up of individuals. Fight the good fight, and always search for
insight. The propagated lies and fascist regimes of past information moguls
has killed many an innocent person. Donít let it happen again, the choice is
yours to make. The blood of dead innocents demands nothing less.

***Information is impersonal. The concept of "God" as a singular entity
generally denotes a specific divine consciousness devoid in information. If
I tell you that 2 times 2 is 4, then THAt is supposed to be God? Yes, I'm
using the fallacy of the straw man, but it's on principle that I object to
our friend's point. I agree only with the last two sentences, that we owe a
mortal obligation to defend the masses from those who would exploit them. We
owe that as our ethical obligation by being the elite classes. However,l The
idea of a "New World Order" is nothign new, and has been around for close to
2 centuries. My advice? Skip the pandering to your audience. Write something
original, instead of using tired conspiracy cliches. The tone of your essay
was intended to raise the spirit of our relutionaries and get them into
gear. Commendable, but you CAN'T do it using worn-out one will
listen. Quit trying to hard to be original, and just write what you feel. 9
times out of 10, it'll be original when it finally gets to press.... 

anyways, there's my piece on things. Godbless, everyone!
*Founder of Warzael Zarcae

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