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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Mon, 6 Nov 2000 01:54:33 -0800 (PST)

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Did you nail that one solid!
How must it be living here??? arg.
Sickening doesn't begin to describe this mess.

Yes,I too suspect the greens... Not only because
of the German Chancellor, or the fbi/cia
involvement, but mainly for their own
questionable choices for candidates...

 I also do not trust the 'green' party...not even
as much as I trust the other two..(aptly
cartooned as a jackass & an elephant, huh?) Fark!

This u$a gov has been a worldwide laughing stock for-ever? & it is now resembeling an
old (& Bad) 3 stooges movie. Just look at the
clowns they give us to choose from! 

A warmonger with a nutsy phsycotic history & a
twofaced wannabe treehugger..(?) !!
I *WAS* in Gore's camp....(sort of)..until he
said some stuff night before last, that was clear
& direct opposite of what he had been saying all
along since the beginning of his run. That
finished me. 

I still *may vote for him..seems he 'perhaps'
might be the lesser of 2 evils (or 3) HE has done
some good for the environment..& what good is a
sound business economy if the whole bloody planet
is dead??? 

Bush...has done terrible things to his home
state, Texas. It is THE worst for pollution in
the whole country..and education??? HAR! Not.
(can ya tell by the articulate way he conducts
his speeches?..LOL!)

Not to mention...his 'bordering on bragging' how
quick they are to execute prisoners??? He fails
to mention (for some reasone) that many were
probably innocent...many were appealing & their
lawyers claim to have had new evidence that would
clear them...But..No. Bush could not, WOULD not
hear it. He moved up some of their dates & killed
em. Bush is just plain dangerous. 

Vote for Nader??? naw. I saw too much of his
rhetoric. The man is on who ever's side will
benefit him the most..& like the rat he Really
is, he will abandon ship at the first sign of
danger.Or...for the highest bidder, as he has in
the past so many times. 

His lil ole god complex caused many people a lot
of unnecessary suffering. He talks a big talk but
he sure dont walk the walk. Anybody can make we should all know by now...When he
was in power to say yea or nay about many
products, he sold out on a regular basis. With no
conscience to the public. 

He is as bad in bed with BB&WTO as Bush. Take
that corvair car he is so proud of squashing. Not
a bad little auto. Certainly not as bad as most
on the road these days. 

I know a guy whom collects em. He's got
about..15. & Every one runs great, is more solid
& far safer than the crap they turn out now. 
Nader was bought off on that one to. by BB. And
that's just 1one1 of his sellouts. !
Check it out.

Sure...I would LOVE to vote third party....just
as soon as they give us someone worth voting for!

& Peace

--- wrote:
> Just remember that the current chancellor/prime
> minister of 
> Germany belongs to the Greens. What difference

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