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"Hacktivism" is growing threat to business: consultants

By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Computer hackers with political 
agendas have become a fast-growing threat to big companies 
worldwide, a corporate intelligence company said on Thursday.  

"The methods they are using are in their infancy," said Kent 
Anderson of Control Risks Group, an international business risk 

The political cyber threat was highlighted along with those on the 
ground at a roll-out of the British-based company's "Risk Map 
2001," an annual survey of perceived dangers to corporate clients.  

Anderson traced "hacktivism" to the 1994 Zapatista guerrilla 
uprising for greater democracy and Indian rights in the southern 
Mexican state of Chiapas.  

The Internet-era activism brings the methods of guerrilla theatre, 
grass-roots organising and graffiti to cyberspace. Operations 
include espionage, Web page defacements, "denial-of-service" 
attacks to swamp the target and virus infections.  

"We're going to start seeing this sort of thing for a whole range of 
issues," including animal rights and other fringe causes, said 
Anderson, a data security expert whose resume includes 
consulting jobs for the FBI and its counterparts in Britain, Russia, 
Germany, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland.  

Hacktivists are increasingly focusing on companies rather than 
governments, he told a press conference. Calling it a "gray area" 
for law enforcers, Anderson said in some ways the phenomenon 
was not unlike old-fashioned picketing.  

The survey listed 12 countries or parts of countries as representing 
"extreme" political and security risks to multinational companies, 
up from five in 1997, when Control Risk introduced its current 
ratings scale.  

Those countries are Afghanistan, Burundi, Chad, Congo 
(Brazzaville and Democratic Republic of Congo), Eritrea, Theiopia, 
Liberia, Russia (Chechnya), Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka 
(north and north east) and Sudan.  

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