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From juliet sutherland <>
Date Thu, 2 Nov 2000 20:49:56 -0800

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well actually it sucks here a lot, but i am personally willing to devote my life to radical activism with some progressive political participation thrown in for good measure, with determination and the assumption  that at least on my death bed i will know i have tried along with millions of others, and have given my children the modelling, knowledge and motivation to continue the fight for the planet.  at this point i would say that to entirely discount the green party as a means for some type of change is premature, besides it gets exhausting being cynical and hateful ,and allowing a small glimmer of idealism to manifest itself does wonders for this soul.
peace, juliet
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  Just remember that the current chancellor/prime minister of 
  Germany belongs to the Greens. What difference does this fucker 

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