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Cheers Andrea,

> I suppose I got caught up a little in the hysteria.

Some people want to catch you up like that, though!  That's the 
point really, they create the hysteria to make people think in a 
certain way.  Your mission is first, to see through that, and 
second, to enable others to see through it also.

> About Carnivore: Thumbs up to Cerf. I'd hate to see a couple of ISP
> nerds get their hands on it.

Well, the ISPs are the alternative to the government.  Although 
these nerds may not be very much like real people, you can be 
sure they are much more like real people than the government.  For 
a start, they will probably upload the source to the net, pesky 
types that they are!  This will enable everybody to see how it 
works, so we know that it isn't listening to everybody on the ISP, 
for example.  The government do not plan to upload the source to 
the net, which prevents us from knowing that.  I personally feel 
more comfortable if I know who is doing what.. not that I am a nerd 

> Would anyone object to me putting up a link to Hacktivism on my
> website?

...and my last comment: don't ask, just do it.  You can be sure 
someone will write you a polite email if there is an issue.... the 
feedback you get will guide you.

carnivore update: a court judgment passed on CALEA legislation 
may make Carnivore illegal (something to do with separating 
addressing and content) .. see CDT website ... 
also.. Brock Meeks on MSNBC (haha) writes that the FBI have 
admitted to a congressional hearing that email evidence lacks the 
substance even of a tapped telephone conversation -- without 
intonation it is difficult to tell (and thus will be difficult to swing in 
court) what the person meant, eg their intent is probably not 
discernable.  Which means the evidence is not useful.

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