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:iDEFENSE iALERT: Cyber Activist Protest - S26

  > Cyber Activists Target IMF, World Bank With New Denial of Service Tool
  > iDEFENSE Intelligence Services
  > September 21, 2000
  4:40 p.m. EST

  > The cyber activist group Federation of Random Action (FRA), along with
  > toyZtech, are organizing a cyber action in support of the S26 protests
  > scheduled to take place on Sept. 26, 2000 in Prague, Czech Republic. The
  > FRA will be unveiling a new cyber protest tool for the action that will
  > build on features found in the MayDayProtest tool, which was also used
  > against the Web sites of the IMF, World Bank and others during the first
  > week of May 2000.
  > The goals of the current action are to bring about "a change in the mode
  > of action of the globalization, to attain an organic globalization
  > respecting the people and the environment rather than in the current
  > globalization only used for enriching the richest at the expense of the
  > poorest." According to the FRA's call to action, "Functioning is simple:
  > To slow down or block access to some Web sites close to the IMF and to
  > World Bank, as a demonstration in the real world can block streets." The
  > FRA also listed as one of its demands, "Specifically for Internet, a
  > recognition of the right to demonstrate on the Web as a free expression
  > right by the authorities of international law." 
  > The FRA has been a key actor behind a number of cyber actions, including
  > protests targeting Occidental Petroleum, Fidelity Investments, eToys, and
  > a number of others. The group is based in France and is one of the lead
  > groups in developing new cyber activist tools based off the FloodNet tool
  > originally created by Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD). While it
  > remains to be seen how much participation the current action will have,
  > the group does have the ability to rally wide support among the cyber
  > activist community.
  > In an interesting twist, the new tool being deployed for this action by
  > the FRA will allow protesters to chat with each other while attacking the
  > target sites. Due to the need for attackers to remain online for the
  > protest to be effective, this new feature is likely to increase the
  > and duration of participation by cyber activists, consequently increasing
  > the ability of the attack to negatively effect Web sites.
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