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From lsi <>
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 15:41:37 +0100

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> Anyway (since I'm precisely the techie type), is anybody interested in
> discussing the research, development and implementation of an
> un-trace-able widgeting-virus?

well, I would _love_ to see more on distributed computing.  I read 
the other day a US oil company has a whole bunch of Linux boxes 
doing some work faster than their supercomputer could do it.

I have a theory that there's no capability to share the CPU of 
Windows PCs because it would make The People too powerful.

I fantasise about uploading my spare CPU cycles to the net, and 
downloading extra CPU cycles when I need them.

It doesn't actually work quite like that but I think the concept is 

So the widget-virus is really a client that downloads threads to 
execute.  A generic SETI @ home ...

I do surmise the server would be quite a complicated bit of software.

I can't see why it's not possible to combine the Smurf and Melissa 
tech to control millions of computers simultaneously, via Outlook.

And yes, given that we also have NSAKEY in our cryptapi.dll's, 
there is no reason to think that the government is not doing that 

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