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From Jim Fleming <>
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 08:23:31 -0400

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Hi Benoit Merlin, for your information, Autonomedia, a radical book
collective in New York, will publish a large anthology called
Hacktivism this fall, which tells a full story of the history and
actions of the hacktivist movement. Best wishes, Jim Fleming

>  Hello to members fof <bold>Tao 

</bold>>French journalist in an new Internet Mag (who belongs to
Hachette Filipacchi Press group),I have to rite an article about
computer underground. Very interested by hacktivism, I'm looking for
hacktivists testemonies. Would you mind answearing my questions? 


>1-What is the interest of hacktivism? Is there a realy political or
social purpose or is it just a pretext? What is the main fight: the
civil desobedience...? 

>2-Do an hacktivist's way of life exist? What are the differencies
beetwen hackers and hactivists? And with activists? 

>3-Have you got a bill of ethic, rules, taboos...? 

>4-Is there a solidarity beetwen hacktivists...? An organisation, a
rendez-vous like H2K or Defcon? 

>5-In your opinion, what is the best way to fight? To cause beyond
repair damages, to mailbomb, to deface a site, to stop it

>6-For hacktivists, what are advantages, interests of Internet in their


>I hope you agree to hell me because I want to understand and respect
the best I can your fight. Best regards, benoit Merlin. 

>My address: <bold> 




Jim Fleming

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