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From Andrea Levinge <>
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:03:32 +0800

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Hi all, especially to T. Burns, Visceroth and the others who commented on
the move against kiddie porn:

I might have a few ideas how we might go about helping these kids out
without whole-heartedly buddying up to the Feds.

a. How about building a site with the missing kids' pics, without needing to
drop the hints on the Fed's doorstep? Would that be rightist? It wouldn't be
actual censorship, would it?

b. More on the would have the kids' pictures and have a notice
saying "If you have seen kids who look like these kidnapped (whatever word
you may use) children on illicit sites, please contact so-and-so.

Note to Mr. Burns: You make cropping sound like it is complicated and
difficult. Any eight-year-old can do a simple face crop on Photoshop. Also,
I support your ideas, but still - you make it sound like a gargantuan issue.
I logically estimate that the heads of these illicit sites are more careful
than we might expect. They might've done some cropping themselves and
enhancements. I hear that faces are almost always blurred.

Another question: Come on! Why haven't the Feds done this already?

To Visceroth: You're right, mostly. Being rightist and Net censorship is no
good. The whole thing is about freedom of speech. But how about the kids?
How do we go about this without all the catchholds...and importantly how do
we help the kids? I feel as if we need to do SOMETHING.

All of you: All I want to say is that these are just ideas. Nothing more and
nothing less.


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