My take on Visceroth's "Bureau"

From Saoirse Zarcae <>
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 07:17:56 -0700 (PDT)

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Our brother Visceroth raiss several good point, but what disturbs me so much
is not his vision is as his means of going about performing it. He stated in
one letter on organizational startegy, that 'nothing is true, everything is
permissible.' I would urge him and his supporters to re-think that
statement. Think about it: if by logical extension nothing is true, then we
have no ethical reason to engage in our activites in the first place. If our
actions are no more 'right' than those of the authorities in the first
place, then we gave no leading place in the moral high ground to proclaim
our stand. Without some Absolute standard of truth and justice, we have no
more right to claim our actions are any more in conformance with those
vitues than the authorities that be do. THINK. Without Truth being absolute,
and nobility and love being the highest of these virtues (and the onl
possible motivating reasons for our hactivism) then the ethical reasons for
or actions fail, and we are left with as our only reason, the lure of the
forbiddden, and the "rush" that accompanies a successful habit. Without a
standard of "truth", we cannot justif our actions logically, and our
justification has the same validity as a junkie supporting his habit. I can
neither in good conscience support his group or lend any verbal support
until there is some indiciation that his group will be using some form of
absolute ethical standard. Consider this: we're all sickened by child
pornography; however, if there WERE no Absolute standard to tell us this was
wrong (logicaly, since we all can communicate this idea and agree on it, we
all adhere to te same ethical standard) then saying that something is
'wrong' is ridiculous. As the Russian writer Dostoyeski pointed out in "The
Brothers Karamazov": 'Without God [replacing 'God' with 'absolute standard')
then anything is permissible.' Visceroth is enirely correct in saying that
"everything is permissible" if nothing is true, but what then keeps us from
becomin worse tyrants than the authorities to which we declare our firm
independence and rebellion? Relying on human nature and "conscience" has
historically proved the wrong thing to do.....

"So you fight, and retreat....
And talk youself out of believing, in anything.
Illogical, you can't find, any reason to believe in Love,
You are blind."
-"Blind", Jars of Clay, American Christian ambient group

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