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Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 03:14:44 -0500

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Greetings all

Good news on the HBPPM front, we have approval from Tao, we are just
awaiting full administrative procedures, here is the e-mail I received. I
have deleted certain parts for security reasons.

Non serviam


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       Tue, Sep 12th 2000 17:10:14
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       jesse hirsh <jesse@tao.ca> 
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       Re: new: Request from HBPPM
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hi, we're crazy busy right now, and as the person who would be responsible
for following this up, i'm in no condition to move on it, since i just got
out of the hospital after 20 days (it's a long story). i just wanted to
email you to say that i do support this application, and can help you get
setup, however it may take me a week or so to regain my strength, and go
through the necessary (administrative/collective) procedures. as the
primary co-ordinator of the hacktivism.tao project, i'm also planning on
doing a number of upgrades and improvements over the next month. so i will
definitely be in touch, and only ask for a bit of patience as my health
improves. if you don't hear from me personally in the next week to 10
days, please email me directly to remind me, and i'll be sure to get
things moving for you. sorry for any inconvenience, and i hope all is well
with you and yours
jesse hirsh

On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, HBPPM wrote:

> Name / Alias: HBPPM
> phone: n/a
> geography: Online.
> how did they discover tao.ca: Hacktivism.tao.ca
> agree with our demands: yes
> suggested changes: 
> applying as: group
> want to join tao: yes
> want to join dojo: no
> mission of organization: The Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perceptions
> The HBPPM is an offshoot of the Hacktivism list.
> We are dedicated to changing the tide of public perception against the
digital underground,
> altering the local paradigm, re-educating consensual reality.
> We are not happy with the current future. We want a future of our own.
> organizational networking: Part of the Hacktivist group but reasonably
> for or non-profit: Non-profit organisation, no corporation.
> hope to gain: 
> Liberty of thought, action and spirit.
> will contribute to TAO: We can contribute to Tao by improving the image of
   all that  it stands for. As a decidely Online organisation we will gladly
> assist you if something you require falls within our range of abilities.
> Maybe we'll fail miserably. Maybe we'll be a roaring success. 
> Risk is what it is all about is it not? Prepared to make an investment?
> If you come to us for help we will give it.
> requires account: yes
> justification for new account: We are an Online organisation: both in
and orientation.
> Being based online would be much to our advantage,
> and what helps us helps you. We would use the tools 
> as a means of engaging consensual reality.
> Here is the original message that started the whole thing. Think of it as
Manifesto of sorts.
> Hacktivism: Synthetic Avatars in Neospace
>  Here we are. Digitised manifestations of human consciousness. We are the
>  new wave of technological enhanced morality. We stand tall. We fight the
>  good fight. We battle tyranny. Our weapons are synethetic. Our minds are
>  numbed to the sedation of Locust Executives, and we recognise their
>  neopropaganda. We are the Hacktivists, our war cry is freedom. What we
>  doing is historical.
>  We are creating a whole new generation of dissidents, acting within a new
>  field of dissidence. Consensual Reality is all too well tailored for
>  government endorsed social surveillance,blatant consumerism, memetic
>  engineering and corporate defecation. In other words, everyone is
>  on us. Or at least, they were. No longer. It is time we victims exacted
>  vengeance. We are entering the fray.
>  Armed with programs, mad skills and our minds we are a force to be
>  with, however consensual reality is against us. Perception is a lethal
>  in the battle of the New World Order. Manipulated deceptions, selective
>  editing, neopropaganda and heresy are our enemies. It is time we made a
>  friends. It is time we turned Their weapons against Them. To disarm and
>  destabilise The New World Order we must use the very tactics and
>  conditioning used to turn the world against us. It is an Us and Them
>  situation. Who can win? Consensual Reality must be altered to fit into a
>  new paradigm, to this end we require not only electronic liberationists,
>  media spokesman and activists but public relations as well. We need to
>  engage in some disinformation campaigns of our own. To this end I am
>  establishing the Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management
>  This is my contribution. Do I stand alone or shall some stand with me? Do
>  we get written out of history or into it?
>  Visceroth, aka The Pr0phet
> login: -deleted for security reasons-
> login2: -deleted for security reasons-
> createdns: HBPPM.tao.ca 
> requires list: yes
> list purpose and needs: The purpose of this list is to enable quick,
> coordination of purposes, dissemination of data and the base
> of HBPMM operations.
> list name: HBPPM
> list password: -deleted for security reasons- 
> list maintainer: hacktivism@disinfo.net (that's me.. -Visc)
> final comments: 
>  Thank you for the consideration. Tao is a great ally 
>  in the cause. Carpe Diem.



"He who controls the past commands the future. 
 He who commands the future conquers the past." 

-George Orwell

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