From Tom Anderson <>
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2000 13:53:24 MDT

[: hacktivism :]

So now the concept appears to be that Echelon is montoring subversive e-mail 
& supposedly they'd be monitoring any e-mail that had Echelon in it which 
means they're monitoring this e-mail, but, of course, their monitoring 
station is outside of Alice Spings in Pine Gap which means they're sitting 
out in the middle of the desert sweating and drooling and raving and 
cornholing each other when there isn't a convienent kangaroo to bugger and 
being paid by the world governments to read our e-mails which is kinda sad 
cuz I really don't have that much to say.

& then they apparently put a little red "X" next to my name in some Big 
Super-Duper-Secret Computer so my credit rating is shot (hahaha..I beat them 
to that one, My credit is completely fucked & I never wantd a loan from 
oneof their banks anyway)and I have trouble getting visas to get in and out 
of the country and they fuck with me at the DMV and I'm audited every year 
by the IRS and they get telemarketers to call me constantly day and night 
(oh my god, that's already happening!!!!) and then one day while walking 
down the road after a nice Chinese dinner a spook comes out and slits my 
throat in an alley and the cops says its an obvious suicide.  Yeah...right.

So once you get in Echelon's spotlights I assume they chart you constantly 
cuz they're never quite sure when you're gonna fly off the handle.  Well, in 
essence, this is nothing new.  Free thought has ALWAYS been costly in 
America which is what makes it so damn fun.  Hell, just a half century ago 
your life became complete and utter hell if your weren't registered with one 
of The Big 2 political parties and didn't regularly attend church.

So I the good fight is fought here in these e-mails which are supposedly 
monitored by Big Brother and we hope that these drones who are monitoring 
our literature wake up and realize how silly all this is.

The important thing to realize, Echelon People, is that someone even more 
secret and devious is monitoring YOU.  Have fun sleeping in the desert 
tonite Boys!

Long Live Emporer Norton!

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