From Visceroth <>
Date Sat, 2 Sep 2000 01:52:06 -0500

[: hacktivism :]

Well, for a start we Australians do not "bugger kangaroos"... anyway only
ONE station is at Pine Gap, there are many others operating all over the
world. Each one operates a different dictionary which scans (to my
understanding) every single electronic transmission, be it fax, email,
phone, sms etc, for certain keywords such as "revolution" "FBI". Subversive
words in general, so of course this is being monitored. The different
stations collate their data and send it through to (ultimately) the NSA,
and that's how Big Brother conquered the world. The Thought  Police are a
Reality ladies and gentlemen. It is therefore our duty to change Reality.
No need to be pedantic either SlideGlide, I doubt the spooks would go to so
much effort..more likely a "random act of violence", engineered by them
would happen, but again only if you are inciting revolutions. Oh and Tom,
we all know you are a Discordian so enough of the Erisian sigs eh?


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