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From Visceroth <alden@wolf-web.com>
Date Sat, 2 Sep 2000 02:55:08 -0500

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Okay glad to see this is taking shape. In something that will be as big as
the HBPPM there will, in my mind, need to be section todeal with different
things This is what I have come up with, all sections interlinked of
course. As well as combining to make a functional whole this allows for
specialisation.BTW  How do we go about getting tao to host this?

Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management Organisational Matrix V1.1

The position on the Matrix doesn't reflect a hierarchy, it's just the way
I've typed it. We must all remain equals in this, lest the SNAFU Principle
(Communication is only possible between equals) come into play.

Perception Control - Public Relations, Disinformation Campaigns and
Perception Management

Damage Control- ties in very closely with Perception Control. When
something goes wrong, Damage Control are the front line. They get data from
the Underground Intelligence Unit, collate it into a release and hand it on
to Perception Control for dissemination. Damage Control are there to
prevent and minimise negative impact where possible.

Underground Intelligence Unit - The UIU gathers data on various activities
on the underground and "civilian" level. This is important as it allows us
to operate efficiently with good data. They are our intelligentsia.

Division T- Tools Division. These is where those with the skills create
Programs in the name of HBPPM. Think of it as Online Q-Ops department from
James Bond :)

These are just my ideas. I want some input as to what people think, this
organisation is for us. Not just for me, I just founded it, remember that.
Information is the new christ.


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