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Violent Arrests on the Anti-Capitalist Caravan 
by IMC Marseilles 2:07pm Thu Aug 31 '00 

Several people were violently arrested Thursday afternoon in
Marseilles during the first day of the Anti-Capitalist Caravan's rally. First
stop, first arrests. The Anti-Capitalist Caravan is not welcome in
After about 50 people got together for a non-violent assembly (dressed up and
riding bicycles with a sound system), about 30 police including riot police
mollested the participants. A young woman and her 4-year old daughter were
both hit by the police. Several people are still in police detention
now(Thursday, 10pm). 

The Anti-Capitalist Caravan arrived in the afternoon (Thursday 31st August) at
the Huilerie squat in Marseille, the first stop on its tour. It will be
criss-crossing round France for several weeks to inform people
about the ravages of capitalism and to encite people to go to Prague in
September to counter the IMF and World Bank meeting. 

It should be underlined that the demonstrations organised by the Caravan are
non-violent. No damage to property or provocation took place.

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