RE: Cell Phone Terror

From Aaron Kreider <>
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 19:23:05 -0500

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Cell phones are generally NOT secure, and do NOT use satelites.  They
transmit like any radio station and can be heard for at least a couple
miles.  I think some might use spread-spectrum technology, which would be
secure (or some might use scrambling), but until recently you could buy a
scanner radio that would let you listen to cell phones for around
$100-$300.  Listening in is illegal in the US (since 1986), but was legal
last time I checked in Canada.  I had a radio that (after I clipped I diode
to deblock the cell frequencies) could pickup dozens if not a hundred
conversations, when I lived in Vancouver.

A couple years ago scanners that received cell phone frequencies were made
illegal, however I bought one that appears to get some of them (around
896-900 Mhz and 910-920 Mhz) just outside of the range of frequencies that
are blocked.  

Also while triangulation of radio signals is accurate, I doubt it's on the
scale of GPS which can be as accurate as ten feet.  Radio signal strengths
can be altered by conducting and shielding surfaces (though this is more
true for lower frequencies).

What's really scary is that all computer monitors are transmitters (try
putting an AM radio next to your monitor), though I guess their range is
very limited...



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