RE: Philadelphia Repression: What Can Be Done?

From mark ~ roth <>
Date Fri, 4 Aug 2000 16:04:56 -0700

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I get chills when I read about what is happening right now at RNC Philly and
what has happened before concerning the police and personal rights and
privacy... it is all part of the same game we discuss openly in regards to
Echelon or Carnivore or whatever name the beast has today.

If there is no way to effectively use the new communications technologies
and our networks and our tools to help this struggle, then I am ready to
turn off my computer and throw away the cell phone for a long long time.

When a society or culture losses ground on personal rights and standards in
privacy, the next generations never know that way of life even existed. It
is gone forever. it does not come back in waves like other things that
behave in regular cycles.

ready and able,


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