Re: Philadelphia Repression: What Can Be Done?

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Subject: Philadelphia Repression: What Can Be Done?

I've been following the news at and I agree that the police are being their usual repressive selves. A hacktivism response seems like a good idea, mostly to raise awareness among the Internet underground.

The reason why the cops can get away with this kind of brutality is because there has been a blanket ban on all mainstream media reports, save for a few pictures of vandalism. This is not surprising when you see the huge sections reserved for all the major corporate news channels inside the convention hall.

I have been very impressed with the online coverage from Indymedia and their radio station. However, many people lack the experience when it comes to finding underground web sites so posting articles to relevant newsgroups, discussing the events in chat rooms and the like can help.

Also it is important to remember that many people do not have access to the Internet. Much of the best alternative media is only available on the net, so an effort should be made to distribute hard copies of articles to people we know.

The web site for the Democrat convention protests is I expect they will be slightly larger because of all the publicity generated by the RNC protest. Also the LAPD is probably the most violent police department in the first world so expect even more conflict.

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